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Exceptioneel Transport Europa B.V.

We provide European abnormal load permits, police escorts, private escort car services, vehicle documents and where necessary route surveys.

More about ETE

E.T.E. is unique in its field of expertise in Europe

E.T.E. is the only company in Europe with a continental coverage for exceptional loads. Exceptional transport requires a European Abnormal Loads permit, which is difficult to come by in some countries. A lot of these abnormal loads need police escorts and road surveys. The first for safety reasons, the latter to make sure that the transport at hand can pass through tunnels, bridges and narrow roads.

This why you hire E.T.E. for all exceptional loads in Europe

Throughout the years, E.T.E. has built up an extensive network within local authorities, and other contacts in virtually every European nation. That means you don’t have to concern yourself with bureaucracy, and you’re certain of an efficient transport and short communication lines. E.T.E offers you full service, from the permit request, to necessary road surveys and escorts.

Excellent and up-to-date advice

If there is a problem down the road, literally, you will be informed in time, which can save you a lot of money and leaves you with plenty of time to find an alternative solution. We also believe in honest advice about the possibility, or impossibility of an exceptional load transport. Care to know more? Feel free to contact E.T.E. and inquire about the possibilities.

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