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Abnormal load escorting

Through an internationally operating network with contacts in all European countries we can always provide a solid solution regarding pilot-cars.
When do you need a pilot-car ? In all countries the rules regarding pilot cervices are different.
Below you can see a brief summary from which dimensions pilot Pilot Escorts are required.


Length > 40,00m
Width > 4,00m
Weight  > 100 T (2 pilot cars)

Other roads
Length > 27,50m
Width  > 3,50m
Weight > 100 T (2 pilot cars)


Escort possible from:
Length > 3m
Width > 23m
Weight > 60 T

In Germany, there are no standard dimensions regarding pilot escorts. This can always be prescribed by the responsible authorities.


Length > 30,00m
Width > 3,50 m
Weight > 90 T
Height > 4,80m


Length >25m
Width >3m
Weight >72 T

Want to know when you need an escort car in another European country? Please contact us.
The content of this website is not legally binding. In any particular situation different rules may apply.

Route survey

For certain transports route surveys must be conducted.
Route surveys, throughout europe, are carried out by (local) Escort Pilots, so you always get a good and thorough research.

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