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Exceptioneel Transport Europa (E.T.E.) BV is one of the leading European companies that arranges European Abnormal Load permits through the whole of Europe with more than 25 years of experience. This makes E.T.E. unique within the European market. Most other competing companies cover, at best, only a small part of Europe.

We provide European abnormal load permits, police escorts, private escort car services and where necessary route surveys for: wide loads, long loads and heavy loads to our clients across Europe.

To apply for an abnormal load permit often involves a lot of work. Most certainly if you are not dealing with the matter every day. And even when you are familiar with abnormal load transports you might come across unexpected problems.

E.T.E. takes away all these problems. Through an internationally operating network with contacts in virtually all European countries, we can streamline procedures and take a lot of bureaucracy out of the way. We also maintain a direct contact with a lot of the European permit-issuing authorities. This keeps us informed about, not only, the latest legislative developments and changing views, but also about temporary blockades due to road maintenance.

Because we are one of the leading companies in Europe we have acquired a lot of knowledge and a lot of hands on experience. This benefits our customers because we share our knowledge through solid advice. We advice about the possibilities and/or impossibilities of an abnormal load transport. Also because of our extensive experience, E.T.E. can save you time and money by working fast and efficiently.

In addition to arranging permits E.T.E. can also arrange necessary technical documents for specific countries (a.o. SERT, § 70, Scheda Technica and Ficha Technica). We also give warning in advance when the validity of long term permits expires. This gives the customer the opportunity to have the permit renewed.

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