Escort car

The escort car is an essential part of heavy load hauling in Europe. Due to busy roads and the necessary safety regulations the escort car or vehicle plays an important role in the transportation process. At E.T.E. we are the experts you need when it comes to abnormal load transportation from permit to escort car, start to finish.

If you need an escort car for you load across Europe enjoy our benefits

We know that some of our competitors can arrange items like an escort car in some countries on the continent. At E.T.E. however, due to our extensive network, we can supply permits and resources in every country in Europe. And you can choose between short term and long term permits. If you contact us, our large database of contacts will be at your disposal and we will assist you all the way through. Also, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Direct, honest and practical contact and advice
  • Our extensive network of contacts guarantees a streamlined transport
  • A professional escort, with police cars if needed

Contact us and find out more about the possibilities

We offer our clients many possibilities and get your abnormal load to where it needs to be without any problems. Call us at 0031(0)10 298 28 28 for more information.