Permit Application form

Filling out a permit application form for a European permit for hauling special transports across the continent can take up quite some time. You will need to have the right contacts and unexpected issues can always present themselves. At E.T.E. we can assist your transporting business by taking care of the permit application form and all other matters that come in to play with international heavy transport. We are one of the larger players in Europe when it comes to exceptional transport. Contact us today and make an appoint for an acquaintance. Before long you will have a European permit for road haulage and wide load transport.

Get a European permit faster by using our unique position in Europe

An extensive international network is what makes or breaks a company in the European abnormal load transporting business. Because E.T.E. is one of the leading companies in Europe we can use this vast network to get in touch with the right people that can approve your permit application form. Our network extents across the entire continent whereas our competition usually only covers certain areas or countries. Our service is more extensive than just getting you the right permit application form and European permit for road haulage. We can also assist you transport escort and route surveys if necessary. For more information, please contact us at 0031 (0)10 298 28 28. Our employees will be happy to further assist you in any heavy transport related issues that you need help with.