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In Europe there are multiple countries with long-term permits. These are valid for a year or more and are issued for a large network of roads or even nationwide. We also give warning in advance when the validity of long term permits expires. This gives the you the opportunity to have the permit renewed in time.

Below some examples of of long-term permits;


22m X 3,50 x 4,25 50T or 27m X 3,50 X 4,25 100T depending on the combination possibilities

Permit is valid for the roads listed on http://dwo.rdw.nl.


Whole of Belgium27m X 3,50 X 4 44T
Network Highways30m X 4,25 X 4,30 44T
Network National Roads30m X 4,25 X 4,50 44T
Netwerk 90T30m X 4,25 X 4,50 90T (depends on combination)
Netwerk 120T35m X 5,00 X 4,80 120T (depends on combination)

Each network has its own itineraries. We have road maps with all these itineraries.

Interested? Please contact us.


Whole of Germany20m X 3,00 X 4,00 40T
Truck & Lorry22m X 3,00 X 4,00 40T
In combination with §7023m X 3,00 X 4,00 41,8 T


Category 120m X 3,00 X 4,50 48T
Category 225m X 4,00 X 4,50 48T

Both permits are valid only if corresponding map with itineraries is present during transport. These maps are also available at ETE.

There are other European countries with long-term permits, please contact us if you would like more information about these long-term exemptions.

Vehicle documents

In addition to arranging permits E.T.E. can also arrange necessary technical documents for specific countries (a.o. SERT, § 70, Scheda Technica and Ficha Technica).

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