Pilot escort

A professional pilot escort for abnormal load transport in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe can be executed by transportation specialist Exceptioneel Transport Europa B.V., or E.T.E for short. With decades of experience in requesting  permits, providing customers with advice and building and maintaining a vast international network, we know how to bring every transport to a successful conclusion. Please contact us for more information about our pilot escort. We would be happy to inform you about the possibilities.

Pilot escort for exceptional transport throughout Europe

At E.T.E we can provide you with a professional pilot escort for abnormal load  transport throughout the European continent. Not only are we fully up to date on the latest laws and regulations in terms of abnormal load  transport, we also:

  • Maintain a vast international network which we can use to streamline all aspects of your transport;
  • We stay in constant communication with necessary institutions which makes the processing of permit requests run smoothly;
  • We offer a professional pilot escort with lots of experience and knowledge.

Don’t take any risks with your transports and hire a company that takes care of not just the pilot escort, but also everything else to ensure a smooth transport without any hiccups. Please contact E.T.E for more information about our pilot escort services by calling 0031 (0)10 298 28 28.