Route survey

Some transports in Europe require a route survey before they are allowed to go on the road. Throughout Europe roads can have different dimension and regulations for heights of bridge heads for instance. This means that a route survey is essential in safeguarding the transport and making sure that everything goes as it’s supposed to. Exceptioneel Transport Europa B.V. is a Netherlands based transportation specialist that provides customers with advice and assistance on any and every form of exceptional transport in both the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

The importance of a proper route survey

A route survey can not only prevent accidents, but can also prevent delays as a result of a route which is inaccessible to trucks carrying exceptional loads. In the Netherlands and other parts of Europe the following regulations are in place, regarding to the size of abnormal loads and the obligation or recommendation for a route survey:

The Dutch ministry gives the following advice;

  • For loads with a width of more than 4.51 meters a route survey is recommended;
  • A route survey recommendation for loads exceeding 31.01 meters;
  • For loads exceeding 4.41 meters in height a route survey is mandatory.

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